North West Music Trust  is committed to giving top quality music performances in the community. We are constantly opening up the wonderful world of piano to new audiences around the North West. Schools, homes and interest groups enjoy free performances as part of an energetic crusade, with the number of new listeners currently numbering around 1500 each year.

We are committed to:

  • KEEPING PIANO INTEREST ALIVE. We are dedicated to maintaining interest in piano. Piano keyboard music is often seen as elite. We like to dispel this myth! It is music for everyone and we love playing at schools, churches, nursing homes and private homes.

  • KEEPING PIANO MUSIC ALIVE. The music written for piano keyboard is some of the most amazing in the world. We bring this before you to delight and inspire you to discover more, or even take up the piano yourself!

  • GIVING OPPORTUNITIES TO ANYONE. We are committed to inclusion and believe in fair opportunities for all. Although our main focus is piano, we will strive to cross the divides of the music industry and support musicians of all genres seeking guidance.

  • GIVING OPPORTUNITIES TO CHILDREN. Sometimes parents cannot afford all the costs of lessons and music books. We help them realise their dreams and assist with some or all of these costs.

  • HELPING MUSIC STUDENTS AND YOUNG MUSICIANS. We strive to assist students if it means they would otherwise lose out musically. We provide platforms for them to create their sounds and help with studies.

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